Wednesday, 5 July 2017

July 2017 Monthly Forecast: AQUARIUS, PISCES

As per Vedic astrology, planet Saturn rules over your sign. This month, you will be full of energy and passion. The thirst to enjoy life will be very strong. You may socialize, do net-working and enjoy meeting friends and close relatives. You may invite or get invitation for get-together or parties, from 4th through 17th. Your exposure to new ideas and thoughts will open up new worlds to you. Your friends, relatives, acquaintances and your brother/sister will be catalyst in bringing this change in you. Venus and Mercury may bring love and romance in your life too. There will also be times when you will feel restless. Love and romance too will be strong, ideally speaking love should be easy but with planet Mars so strong, I doubt it would be. If, you want to plan children, 3 months starting from now, will be good, however you may need to undergo some kind of medical treatment or require medical advice. If, you have grown up children, you may worry a lot about them. Encircle 18th on your calendar, on this date or days close to this date are good for all matters related with home and real estate. Venus, the planet of luxury, will be beautifully aligned to Jupiter, the planet of good luck, so if you decide to buy or sell a house or probably think of re-doing the interiors of your home, it is a favorable time. From 23rd, your focus and energy will shift. You will be full of energy and your days are likely to get busier as never before.

As per Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter rules over your sign. Pisces, you have two kinds of energy this month, in first half, your focus will be on home, family or probably interested in buying/selling of home or alternatively, buying things for your home. Some of you, Pisces, may even plan to work from home. From 1st through 15th, Sun will be transiting through home and real estate sector of your solar chart with planet Mars. If, you are not thinking about your apartment or house, then maybe it is one of your parent about whom you are concerned or worried. Professionally, from 4th through 18th, are good, so if you have been working on some project for a long time (probably for last 6 months) or trying for new job position, planets could bring some results now. Planets will be throwing very conflicting thoughts, on one hand you may want to move ahead but on the other hand something or someone may be holding you back, could be mentally or psychologically speaking it is probably not easy decision to make. Encircle 18th on your calendar, on this date or days close to this date are good for signing of important papers. Venus, the planet of luxury, will be beautifully aligned to Jupiter, your ruling planet. From 23rd, there will be shift in your energy. You will be ready to take more risks. You have to train your mind to be at peace at all times regardless of whatever outcomes your actions bring. Since, your ruling planet will be shifting to next sign in month of September, it is time to overcome your fears and insecurities!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

July 2017 Monthly Forecast: SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

Planet Jupiter rules over your sign. In month of July, August and also September, the spotlight is on your closest relationship, could be your business partner or your spouse. If, you are unmarried, planets will initiate the period of marriage too. You may even get engaged or married. If already married, there may be conflicts and arguments with your partner. Relationships are precious and hence should be handled with care and all the love it deserves, it would be, astrologically speaking with planet Mars so strong in this period, good to compromise a little for sake of love. From 4th through 14th, you may suffer from occasional mood swings or feeling of loneliness. At this time emotions will be high. It is the nature of this world that we have to keep growing whether we want to or not, choosing to change proactively is far better option, Sagittarius. Challenging or tough times show things we need to change, and give a chance to rise above limiting circumstances. You are moving through the transformational phase of your life. All that you have worked for, since last 9 months, is slowly taking shape, putting the spotlight on you. Encircle date 18th on your calendar; even the days close to this date are lucky for you, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, will hold hands with planet of love, money and comforts, Venus. You can schedule important works on or near this date. From 22nd of July, focus will shift from relationship to finances.

Planet Saturn rules over your sign. Capricorn, your everyday life is going to get busier than ever.
If, you are self-employed, you will get more than one job projects in hand, and if you are in job services and looking for change or an add-on job to supplement your salary, this is a good period to apply for. This month, at work, you may have some problems with your colleagues or with people, who are insecure about their own talents. In personal life also someone may behave too bossy. It is also a good time to take charge of your health especially if you are suffering from any illness. Joining yoga classes, gym, morning walks or new diet plans is something that you may think of. Watch what happens, from 4th through 14th, it is possible that certain things be revealed to you and/or you might get to see someone’s true colors. Things that are happening behind your back, or are under the surface, about which you probably are not aware of, may be revealed to you. Encircle 18th on your calendar, on this date or days close to this date are good; you can schedule important meetings or interviews. From 23rd ONWARDS, for those who are unmarried and looking for partner, planets begin the six month period yoga for marriage. If, already married, be careful for there may be great difference of opinion with your spouse. To find more emotional stability and control of how you feel you need to get your validation from nowhere and no one but—‘yourself’, keep this thought with you!

Monday, 3 July 2017

July 2017 Monthly Forecast: LIBRA, SCORPIO

Planet Venus rules over your sign. From 1st through 15th, there may be restlessness and dissatisfaction within you. You feel ready to try out something totally new, travel to some exciting new place or maybe seek knowledge. Something philosophical or spiritual that you read or learn will help you in coming times. If, Libra you plan to travel it may be with dual purpose. Some of you may consider, applying to foreign university for higher education or probably travel for work. Strange, as it may seem, I see you, unusually angry or argumentative. It could be that someone says some insensitive things to you or criticize you, and as the saying goes words have great power within them, they can lift or crush you. Try not to argue about things in heat of the moment (Mars is strong!) your character and your patience can define you. From 4th through 14th, this trend will be strong. Encircle date 18th on your calendar, even the day’s close to this date are lucky for you, you can schedule important work, meetings, interviews or sign important agreement/contract papers in this lucky phase. Professionally, six months starting from 23rd will be very important for you. Whatever efforts you do to advance and promote your work in six months from 23rd will give you amazing results, probably beyond your own expectation, so stay positive!!

As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars, rules over your sign. In 2 months from 30th June (last month) you have initiated a very important financial phase of your life. It is time to think about future possibilities and surprisingly even if you continue with the same work, you may now require learning more about computers and technology. New work methodology may seem frightening and uncomfortable in the beginning but will in fact give you the opportunity to try new things. From 1st through 12th, there could be some tensions regarding money, taxes, loans or expenditures. Mars will be strong during this phase, so it is possible for some Scorpio’s (not ALL Scorpio’s) conflicts or tensions regarding financial resources especially shared resources (business partner, if work is in partnership or with your spouse). Prioritizing your financial savings, possibly with the help of a financial expert, can bring positive results. You can make more savings or find some new ways of savings too. Watch out for what happens in days, from 4th through 12th. Whatever efforts you have been doing in past six months to increase your finances may finally bear results. Encircle date 18th on your calendar; even the days close to this date are financially lucky for you. One more area of your chart that will need attention is—health. Trying out new diet (vegan, vegetarian, paleo or keto diet) and health regimes may certainly charm you, whatever food choice you prefer is your personal liking but keep a close check on your health, especially if you are suffering from any chronic illness.  Personally, your spouse or some close relative may be argumentative, and you could have discord or problems with them. We do not read astrological forecasts to stop us moving forward in life but on the contrary, the purpose of these astrological forecasts is to rise above the influences of the karmic cycles and take control over our own lives. Mars, your ruler, is planning transformational changes in your life, so flow with it!!!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

July 2017 Monthly Forecast: LEO, VIRGO

Sun rules over your sign. Leo’s, you have been unusually active and busy, since 17th of June (last month) and this will continue all through the month of July and also August. I am sorry to write this, as I foresee, you seem very tense about your work and earnings. In first 12 days of this month, you will be concentrating mainly on accumulation of wealth, increasing your source of income or earnings. At work stay out of office politics or management issues. If, you are self-employed, you probably exerting a lot in your career to push limiting boundaries. Yes, waiting for that big break that will set you free from all the work pressures will not be easy to come, you are doing quite well, but you need a break. Leo’s, do not lose patience or your cool, understand the transit of planets, Sun (your ruler) is traveling in company of Mars (zodiac time keeper), who is preparing you for important work but not without great efforts. Planets are supporting you, after a busy work day, you can unwind yourself with your close friends. From 4th through 15th, a budding romance is possible for some Leos and if you are invited for any party during this period, do go, you will get a chance to relax and unwind. Enjoy partying and interacting with your friends in first 3 weeks of this month because from 20th of the month, you will be ready to step away (more so after 23rd) and being alone may seem a better option. Before I end my forecast for you, I would like to add here, on 21st of August, there will be a powerful solar eclipse in your sign (although not visible in India), this solar eclipse will bring many changes thereafter in your life, so continue pursing your path of destiny with positivity in your heart!!!

Planet mercury rules over your sign. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is packing its bags to shift away from your sign next month. Jupiter will shift away from your sign in the month of September, so you still have 2 more months to get full advantage of presence of this planet. Jupiter in your sign may have brought many changes in your life. Past one year may have brought new experiences in your life. The way you look at life and the world is changing. New insights and perceptions have transformed and will continue to transform your personality and views.  Professionally, two months July and August are very important. You are entering a very competitive career phase. At work, from 1st through 15th, at times it may seem difficult to hold onto your work. If, you are a freelancer or self-employed, you may get not just one but maybe two offers and each offer may have few clauses that may not go easy with you. Not just work, your name, reputation and how people view in society may also mean a lot to you. From 4th through 15th, something in your personal life of utmost importance will reach a culmination stage. If you have been planning a move or renovation, you may make a decision. In personal life, all emotions and things that you have been holding inside you may bubble up. From 20th, whether it is professional or personal, conflicts and tensions with those who mean a lot to you is indicated for you. Astrologically, I would say step away from people and situations that can only bring negativity. Virgo’s, remember it will not be easy as money, directly or indirectly, is connected with the situations and events that will occur in coming months!!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

July 2017 monthly forecast: GEMINI, CANCER

Planet Mercury rules over your sign. As the month opens, Sun (the soul of the zodiac), Mars (the zodiac time keeper) and Mercury (this planet rules over your sign) are all holding hands in your sign. From 1st through 15th, Sun moves through your sign, you will feel energetic. Sun has taken one complete year to return to your sign, this is the time to re-invent yourself, changing personal habits, or probably how you look, dress or may be your mannerism change, you will also get noticed and possibly make a personal impression on others. You may not be aware of how planets are helping you, so immerse yourself, take initiative, do your best work, as Mars supports you, from 1st through 12th. Socially speaking, it is sometimes (not always), good to be center of attention, as useful as you may be, you risk offending others who are jealous and insecure about themselves, so stay alert and motivated without losing your temper. If you are able to let go of past hurts and insecurities, you may find the month of July exciting throwing up new possibilities and unexpected things. You need to keep a check on your impulses and need for taking unnecessary risks. From 4th through 14th, is good time for partnership, marriage and relationships. You can have a heart-to-heart discussion with your partner, if anything is troubling you or causing unnecessary tension. From 25th of July, the focus will shift from relationships to money.

Moon rules over your sign. Cancer, from 1st through 11th, Sun and Mars, the two most energetic and fiery planets, are traveling through quiet, behind-the-scenes and solitary sector of your solar chart. Universe is giving you time to let go of all the past hurts, heal (spiritually and also physically) and probably some soul searching is needed before moving on to the most active and important phase of your life of the year 2017. For personal peace of mind and also of soul, you need to do some self-analysis or soul searching. Many statistics studies indicate that a mental wellness is related with physical wellness and also impacts a person's risk for certain diseases. So, Cancer, keep yourself positive, no matter what, do astro-remedies and prayers, you will benefit from all this. Now, comes the most important news-- from 12th, Mars, the time keeper of the zodiac, enters your sign, this planet only visits your sign every two years, it will give you new opportunities to do many new things in life. Encircle 18th of July on your calendar, it is a lucky date, you can schedule important work on or near this date. Professionally, six months starting from 23rd will be very important. No matter what, your name, your reputation and work will be enhanced.